3 arrested in Felony Drug Arrest


On the evening of 10/4/2017 and the morning hours of 10/5/2017 Cross County Deputies made 3 drug arrests in 2 different incidents. Listed below are the arrested individuals and their charges. All 3 individuals are currently in the Cross County Jail awaiting a bond.

Richard Champion.jpg

Richard Bryan Champion
1.Possession of meth (class D felony)
2.Possession of drug para. (class D felony)...
3. Endangering a minor 1st degree (class D felony)

lindsey spencer.jpg
Lindsey Spencer
1.Possession of meth (class D felony)
2.Driving on suspended DL
3. No Insurance
4.Defective Equipment

janice spencer.jpg
Janice Spencer
1.Possession of drug para. (class D felony)
2. Possession of drug para. (class A misd.)
3.Possession of marijuana (class A misd.)

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