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Letter From The Sheriff

During my tenure as Sheriff I have received numerous complaints over the years. Most complaints are in reference to response times from my Deputies.  The main problem with the response time is my Sheriff's Office is understaffed with Deputies and we need more. I have been budgeted by the Quorum Court for two Deputies per shift. Those two Deputies are responsible for patrolling 622 square miles in our county, that includes 850 miles of county maintained roads as well as the state highways. That is a lot of area to patrol for only two deputies dedicated for calls for service. Our Deputy vehicles are equipped with a GPS system showing their location at all times so If there is a problem with response times and it is negligence on the Deputy I can address and correct the problem. To be more efficient I would like to hire  more Deputies bringing the total up per shift. If I had the manpower I could put one Deputy in a dedicated are of the county which would increase initial response time as well as increase law enforcement presence to deter criminal activity. I have thought about rotating and overlapping shifts but most all of my Deputy's work two to three other jobs to make ends meet. In the same breath my Deputies are in my opinion underpaid. My Deputies earn $27,500 annually based on county policy which is a lot less than surrounding agencies. The median start off pay in this area is approximately $32,500.00 annually which is far more than our pay. I understand that the county's tax base is a lot less than the city's tax base but we need to make our county more lucrative  if I were able to procure more Deputy's as well as retaining the Deputy's we have. If you feel we need more Deputies contact your local Quorum Court members and voice your opinion.

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