The Patrol Division operates under the direction of Chief Deputy Larry Jones and consists of: Sergeant Allen Clanton, Sergeant Duane Bell, Civil Process Brian Hill, FTO Eric Moore, SRO Jon Owens, Kenny Pigue, Will Black, Brandon Sutton, Justin Boyette, Chase Allen, Tyler Burgess, Garrett Melton, and Dusty Brewer.

Patrol deputies are responsible for handling all complaint calls, as well as calls for service or assistance from the public. They are responsible for patrolling a county of 622 square miles. They patrol all county roads and provide a visible presence as a proactive measure to help deter crime.

Deputies patrol and enforce state laws and county ordinances throughout all areas of Cross County and have the following responsibilities:

  • Responding to complaint calls
  • Taking reports
  • Making arrests
  • Transporting prisoners
  • Serving warrants, writs, subpoenas and civil papers for the court
  • Serving as bailiff
  • Providing traffic control and drug eradication
  • Investigating accidents on county roads and performing a wide array of related duties
  • Providing assistance to other law enforcement agencies in Cross County and surrounding areas when called on.

Patrol deputies respond to calls received by the 911 center and the sheriff's office. After responding, the deputies gather the necessary information for a report. Once the report is written, it is forwarded through the chain of command. When the report is approved it is turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). CID reviews these reports and begins an active investigation. When all of the information is gathered, the report is then forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for the filing of formal charges.

Members of the Patrol Division must be well-rounded in all facets of police work. They must know how to do a lot of everything, because they lay the groundwork for successful closure to all cases. The Patrol Division consists of two twelve-hour shifts. Normally, there are two deputies per shift and they are supported by Auxiliary Deputies as needed and when available.

If you see a deputy patrolling your neighborhood don’t forget to wave and say hello. They are there to protect you and your family!


Sgt. Allen Clanton

Allen Clanton

Sgt. Duane Bell

Duane Bell

Brian Hill

Brian Hill
Civil Process

FTO Eric Moore

Eric Moore

SRO Jon OwensJon Owens

Kenny Pigue

Kenny Pigue

Image of Justin Boyette

Justin Boyette


Image of Brandon Sutton

Brandon Sutton

Will Black

Will Black

Tyler Burgess

Tyler Burgess


Garrett Melton

Garrett Melton

       Dusty Brewer  


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