Felony Lane Gang has hit this area!


There is a gang originating out of Florida that has now hit this area.

The group is known for catching parked cars breaking the windows and stealing purses, wallets, electronics etc.

This group is called the "Felony Lane Gang". The reason for the name, is once they steal the checks, credit cards and identification they are immediately going to the local banks, driving thru the far lane and cashing checks with the identification they have just stolen. They have been known for wearing wigs and disguising themselves in order to match the identification to cash the checks.

They have been hitting parks, daycares, anywhere someone will leave their car for seconds across the nation.

Village Creek State Park was hit this past weekend. Automobiles were broken into and personal items taken.  Victims were parked at the Visitors Center. They were walking and riding the trails.

Everyone needs to be sure to keep their personal belongings such as purses, etc. with you at all times. Do not leave anything in your car that someone else may want.  Do not put items in your trunk for a safety factor. The gang has been known to break your windows, push your trunk button to open the trunk and steal your belongings.

If you want more information relating to the "Felony Lane Gang" you can Google the name. There are many stories from other states along with photos of suspects.


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