Sergeant Randall
"Buster" Glenn and Dixie

Cross County K-9 Unit All members of the Cross County Sheriff's Office are responsible for working drugs as part of their normal daily schedule. It may be as simple as arresting someone on a traffic stop for possession of drugs or as complex as working a large case which can take time.  As information is gathered on suspected drug dealers or manufacturing operations, a file is started. All tips are investigated and as the information is verified or more tips are received we begin to "put the pieces together" and form a plan. Once enough information is received for a search warrant on a person or place, a judge will review the information. If the information meets the required criteria, the judge will sign the warrant. Officers will meet, finalize plans and execute the search warrant. Sometimes these plans can be finalized in days, but it can take weeks or months to work a large case.  Our Cross County K-9 Unit assist greatly in this area.Cross County Sheriff's Department has 2 K-9 units.  Dixie is a black lab, female, 6 years of age and under the direction of Sgt. Randal "Buster" Glenn.  Dusty is a shepherd, female, 12 years of age and under the direction of Deputy David

Hallmark. Both are United States Police Canine Association  (USPCA) certified. We appreciate all information that the citizens of Cross County provide to us. If you give us information we will look at all the information.



Deputy Hallmark
and Dusty


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