Criminal Investigation Division

Curtis Swan

The Criminal Investigation Division, Part Time II Deputies and Auxiliary Deputies are under the leadership of Captain Curtis Swan. In addition to Captain Swan the division is staffed by Investigator David Hallmark and

There are four Part Time II Deputies and six Auxiliary Deputies. Once a uniformed deputy takes a report, C.I.D. will begin a follow-up investigation. C.I.D. is responsible for processing and cataloging evidence at crime scenes. They also prepare affidavits for arrest warrants, search warrants, interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, and perform many other related duties. Criminal Investigators assist patrol deputies in the investigation of fatality traffic accidents on county roads.

Combating the manufacture and distribution of narcotics is also a top priority of the Criminal Investigation Division. With the reduced funding for the First Judicial Drug Task Force, the Sheriff’s Office has been forced to rely primarily on its own resources and personnel in dealing with the ever present problem of narcotics and other illicit drugs in Cross County.

The CID Secretary/Reserve Deputy has primary responsibility for preparing, entering, maintaining all Incident/Offense Reports and Accident Reports that are submitted by the various deputies. Another very important duty is maintaining complete files on all Registered Sex Offenders residing in Cross County and reporting to Arkansas Crime Information Center. She also participates in the preparation of monthly reports, with compiling comparative and statistical data for the Sheriff and management personnel. In addition, she populates and maintains the website.


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